Laboratory of Veterinary Microbiology

Laboratory of Veterinary Microbiology

Bacteriology: Selection of antimicrobial resistant zoonotic bacteria in animals can lead to transmission of these bacteria to people by the consumption of contaminated animal products or by direct animal contact. In our lab, we focus on the current status on the antimicrobial usage and resistance trends, as well as zoonotic resistant bacteria in animals and animal products in Korea.

Virology: Veterinary virology deals with diagnosing, preventing, and treating viral infectious diseases in animals. Veterinary virology is an extensive field that deals with the study of major viral diseases in pets and domestic animals and emerging infectious diseases originating from wild animals. About 75% of newly emerging infectious diseases are zoonosis, and many of the zoonosis have been related to viruses. To prevent viral diseases such as influenza and COVID-19 that cause tremendous socioeconomic losses, the role of veterinary medicine will become more important in the future, and cooperation with specialized fields such as medicine, pharmacy, biology, and engineering is essential as a One Health approach.
Our research is focused on (1) the interspecies transmission of the virus, (2) the development of the preclinical in vitro/in vivo models (cells, organoids), and (3) the development of novel vaccines, antiviral therapies, and diagnostic tools using preclinical models.


Yang, Soojin (|T. +82-2-880-1185) : Bacteriology

Song, Daesub ( | T. +82-2-880-1255) : Virology

Research Interests

Song, Daesub

  • Preclinical test of viral vaccine, antiviral therapy
  • Interspecies transmission of virus
  • Commercialization of animal vaccine
  • Safety and efficacy preclinical test of new drug
  • Zoonotic diseases

Course Offered

College LevelGraduated Level
– Veterinary Microbiology & Practice 1 (1st year)
– Veterinary Microbiology & Practice 2 (2nd year)
– Swine Viral Diseases and Production Systems
– Biology of Animal Viruses
– Veterinary Vaccinology
– Immunogenetical Approach to Pathogenic Microorganisms
– Zoonosis, Advanced Virology, Veterinary Vaccinology, Mammalian Pathology, Disease modeling, Preclinical science