Laboratory of Veterinary Public Health / Stem Cell and Tumor Biology

Laboratory of Veterinary Public Health / Stem Cell and Tumor Biology

Veterinary public health explores the ways to extend human life and promote human health by removing health hazard elements. Our main efforts have been concentrated on securing food hygiene, zoonoses, molecular epidemiology & virulence evolution of zoonotic pathogens, endocrine disruptors and safety estimation of new materials. Current emphasis is placed on stem cell research related to differentiation, proliferation as well as mechanistic studies on differentiation and self-renewability of stem cells using epigenetic tools such as histone modification and microRNAs. We have been intensively studying to treat incurable diseases using adult stem cells from various tissue such as umbilical cord blood, adipose tissue, bone marrow and amniotic membrane or fluid. Furthermore, we have explored several novel factors regulating the aging of stem cells, which can be used for the prevention of human aging.


Kang, Kyung-Sun (|T. +82-2-880-1246)

Cho, Seongbeom (|T. +82-2-880-1270)

Research Interests

Kang, Kyung-Sun

  • Transcriptional regulation of stem cells
  • Neurodegenerative diseases and stem cells
  • Histone modifications and microRNAs in stem cell aging
  • Human Umbilical cord blood stem cells, Amnion stem cells, pluripiotent stem cells, neural stem cells


Cho, Seongbeom

  • Microbial forensics and source tracking
  • Microbial community analysis and diversity of gut microbiota
  • Molecular epidemiology and virulence evolution of water & food-borne zoonotic pathogens (STEC, Salmonella spp., Listeria monocytogenes, Campylobacter spp, Vibrio spp.etc).
  • Food safety, zoonoses, epidemiology, and antimicrobial resistance

Course Offered

College LevelGraduated Level
– Veterinary Public Health & Practice 1 (2nd year)
– Veterinary Public Health & Practice 2 (3rd year)
– Veterinary Food Hygiene
– Advanced Veterinary Public Health
– Stem Cell Biology
– Safety Evaluation of Chemical Products
– Food safety microbiology and molecular epidemiology
– Hygiene of Animal Originated Food