Laboratory of Veterinary Medical Imaging

Laboratory of Veterinary Medical Imaging

Diagnostic imaging service provides images of animal patients’ internal organs, tissues, bones, and more, which are reviewed and interpreted by expertise to accurately diagnose and monitor a variety of disorders. Different images are created using different equipment including digital radiography, fluoroscopy, ultrasonograhy, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and nuclear medicine. Diagnostic imaging service is a core service in a multidisciplinary hospital like SNU VMTH and most of our patients require advanced imaging with working closely with all of other services to ensure our patients get the best care possible. We also provide teleradiology, and performing currently AI studies in veterinary diagnostic imaging.


Yoon, Junghee (|T. +82-2-880-1265)

Choi, Jihye (|T. +82-2-880-1278)

Research Interests

Yoon, Junghee

  • Advanced urethral CT imaging in dogs and cats
  • Non ECG-gated cardiac CT in dogs and cats
  • Shoulder joint MRI in dogs
  • Cervical muscular MRI in IVDD dogs
  • Advanced AI research in small animal diagnostic imaging


Choi, Jihye

  • Perfusion analysis using contrast enhanced ultrasonography and CT perfusion in canine and feline cancers
  • Early assessment of bone healing based on vascular density and perfusion
  • Shear wave elastography
  • Abdominal MRI
  • PET-CT

Course Offered

College LevelGraduated Level
– Veterinary Medical Imaging 1 & 2 (3rd year)
– Integrated Practice for Veterinary Clinical Science 1 & 3 (3rd year)
– Clinical Practice of Veterinary Medical Imaging (4th year)
– Advanced Veterinary Medical Imaging
– Large Animal Musculoskeletal Diseases
– Functional imaging in small animal medicine
– Interventional veterinary radiology