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한호재"SNU College of Veterinary Medicine is growing into
the world-leading veterinary education and research institute."

SNU College of Veterinary Medicine strives to improve human and animal life quality through education, research, and public service on animal health and disease. Graduates of our college play a pivotal role in the health care and treatment of companion animals and the monitoring and prevention of national disaster-type diseases of farm animals, continuous development of life sciences, and environmental protection, including preservation of species diversity.

SNU College of Veterinary Medicine has been working continually to equip an international level of competencies. As a result, it is recognized as a world-class veterinary education and research institution by obtaining education certification from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) in 2019 and ranked 41st in 2020 in the QS World University Evaluation. Now, SNU College of Veterinary Medicine is on par with the world-class universities beyond representing and leading Asian veterinary medicine. It is also the result of the College of Veterinary Medicine's efforts to set up a vision of the "world-leading College of Veterinary Medicine."

In the future, SNU College of Veterinary Medicine aims to become a creative university that contributes to future social development through substantialization of curriculum, securing international research infrastructure, promoting joint industry-academic research, and advancing animal hospitals. To this end, we hope to inherit the proud tradition built by seniors of SNU College of Veterinary Medicine, gather each member's wisdom to lead future veterinary education, improve the quality of research, and make it a solid and innovative College of Veterinary Medicine. Furthermore, we will continue to support creative and global talented people raised by SNU College of Veterinary Medicine to lead the future society and practice social contribution.

Ho Jae Han, D.V.M., Ph.D
Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
Seoul National University


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