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Laboratory of Veterinary Histology & Embryology

Laboratory of Veterinary Histology & Embryology

The Lab of Veterinary Histology concentrates on studying the fundamentals of structures and functions of basic tissues and various systemic organs in domestic and laboratory animals. Our lab offers lectures for undergraduate course: veterinary histology and for graduate course: advanced veterinary histology, electron microscopy, etc. The major part of our research is to examine the functional morphology of immune organs in animals. One of the current topics is to study the neurological mechanisms in diabetic brain.


Research Interests

  • Histological research for immune organs
  • Neurological mechanisms of diabetes on brain

Course Offered

College Level Graduated Level
- Veterinary Histology &Laboratory 1-2 (1st year)
- Veterinary Embryology (lst year)
- Genomics and Embryology of Mouse
- Topics in Veterinary Genome Research
- Advanced Veterinary Embryology
- Advanced Veterinary Histology
- Electron Microscopy


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