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Laboratory of Veterinary Anatomy

The Lab of Veterinary Anatomy focuses studying on canine anatomy (understanding the basic structure of animal bodies using dogs) and comparative veterinary anatomy (understanding the anatomical structure of domestic animals such as horse, ox, pig, dog, cat, goat, chicken, etc.) through the methods of dissection, palpation, and observation with naked eye.

Recently, Professor Kimura has been performing comparative anatomical studies on Korean wild mammals. Professor Hwang has been investigating the mechanism of adult neurogenesis in aging and/or obese animals.


Research Interests

  • Comparative anatomy and biogeography of Korean wild mammals including raccoon dog, water deer, dolphin, and so on.
  • Mechanism of adult neurogenesis in aged and/or obese animals.

Course Offered

College Level Graduated Level
- Veterinary Anatomy & Lab 1-2 (lst year) - Anatomy of Laboratory Animals
- Comparative anatomy of wild animals
- Animal Structure and Function for Non-DVM
- Topics in Veterinary Anatomy


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