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Laboratory of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine

Zoo and wildlife medicine deals with medical problems of animals in the natural environment excluding companion animals and domestic animals. The focus of our research involves wild animals in natural ecosystem, zoo animals and exotic animals. It includes mammals, avian, fish, amphibians, and invertebrate animals. In the lab of zoo and wildlife medicine, we do research for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of wildlife diseases, control of zoonosis originated from wild animals, reproduction and reintroduction of endangered wild animals, treatment of animal behavior problems, and human-animal bonds.


Research Interests

- Minimally Invasive Endo-surgery in Wildlife
- Orthopedic Surgery in Wildlife
- Control of Zoonosis Originated from Wild Animals
- Reproduction and Reintroduction for Endangered Wild Animals
- Human-Animal Bond
- Animal Behavior(ex: communication)
- Clinical Behavioral Medicine

Course Offered

College Level Graduated Level
- Clinical Practice of Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine (4th year)
- Clinical Animal Behavior (3rd year)
- Wild Animal Diseases & Practice (3rd year)
- Topics in Wild Animal Medicine
- Topics in Human-Animal Bond


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