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Laboratory of Veterinary Clinical Pathology

Laboratory of Veterinary Clinical Pathology

The Laboratory of Veterinary Clinical Pathology aims to (1) advance techniques in veterinary clinical pathology, (2) promote an application of clinical pathology techniques to the diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases, (3) provide training opportunity for individuals or groups with an enthusiasm for teaching, research, or the practice of the clinical pathology, (4) advance education in veterinary clinical pathology, and (5) encourage and facilitate the establishment of standard operating protocol for diagnostic tests. The Laboratory of Veterinary Clinical Pathology provides comprehensive diagnostic tests using animal samples in following areas: hematology, blood smear, hemostasis, clinical chemistry, urine analysis, cytology, body fluid analysis, several organ function tests.


Research Interests

  • Veterinary diagnostics using clinical pathology and other techniques
  • Veterinary tumor diagnosis and classification
  • Molecular carcinogenesis of veterinary and human tumors
  • Toxicologic and veterinary pathology

Course Offered

College Level Graduated Level
- Veterinary Clinical pathology & Practice (3rd year)
- Practice in the Veterinary Clinical Laboratory
- Veterinary clinical diagnostic medicine
- Recent Advances in Veterinary Clinical Pathology


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