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Laboratory of Veterinary Theriogenology

1. Somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) in Dogs : Somatic cell nuclear transfer involves enucleation, injection, fusion and activation to produce genetically twin animal. We produced the world first cloned dog, snuppy at 2005 and wolves at 2006. Also, we succeed to generate seven cloned sniffing dog and confirmed these showed outstanding ability to detect. Base on the production of RFP transgenic clone dog and inducible GFP transgenic clone dog, we are also investigating human disease model clone dogs using SCNT.

2. Somatic cell nuclear transfer in Pigs : The growing shortage of human donor organs has prompted significant efforts to establish porcine to human xenotransplantaion. Especially, SCNT technology enables the production of transgenic animal including pigs. Therefore, we are trying to make transgenic pig with SCNT to overcome immunological barrier to xenotransplantation. As a result, we generated sTNFRI-Fc transgenic pig to evade TNF- in immune rejection. Also, pigs are useful model animal for human disease and we investigate generation of human disease model pigs using transgenic and SCNT technology.

3. Animal hospital : We offer the theriogenology service including breeding management, medical disease of the reproductive tract and infertility in the bitch and dog.


Research Interests

  • Somatic cell cloning in dogs
  • Transgenic clone dogs, pigs and cows
  • Assisted reproductive technique in companion animals

Course Offered

College Level Graduated Level
- Veterinary Obstetrics & Practice 1-2 (3rd year)
- Clinical Practice of Theriogenology (4th year)
- Advanced Diagnostic Methods in Reproductive Disease
- In Vitro Fertilization
- Methods in Embryo Micromanipulation
- Storage and Transfer of Mammalian Embryos


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