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세미나/학술안내 목록
번호 제목 날짜
249 [특강안내] Microbiome and Humanized PDX 2016.11.24
248 [특강안내] Novel Regulators of Wnt and Hippo signaling in Cancer 2016.11.21
247 [특강안내] 유럽의 PRRS 상황 및 type 1 PRRS 백신 2016.11.14
246 [특강안내] PRRS 바이러스의 생독백신과 사독백신의 특성 2016.11.14
245 [특강안내] IDH2 deficiency reduces energy expenditure through mitochondria dysfunction in brown adipose tissue 2016.10.31
244 [특강안내] 차세대염기서열분석(NGS) 기술의 기초 및 응용 2016.10.31
243 [특강안내] Novel roles of the veterinary clinician in the field of biomedical engineering: Supporter, adaptor and leader 2016.10.26
242 제2회 소동물 내시경 워크샵 안내 2016.10.25
241 [특강안내] Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders in Dogs and Cats 2016.10.24
240 [특강안내] FGF1: a New Therapeutic for Type 2 Diabetes 2016.10.21


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