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번호 제목 날짜
330 제19회 수의과학연구소 ERD Day 행사 안내(일정 변경) 2021.09.30
329 수의과대학 명사 초청 특강 2020.11.09
328 Re-energising Power Plants: Bioenergetic dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease as pathogenesis and therapeutic target 2019.12.16
327 Parallel neural circuit of the primate basal gangliafor controlled and habitual behavior: How can we choose a valuable one amongmany objects based on the memory? 2019.11.25
326 Long noncoding RNA NEAT1 and glucose metabolism in Breast Cancer 2019.11.07
325 Epigenetic regulation of memory function in Alzheimer's disease 2019.11.04
324 NanoCosmos: Extracellular Vesicles as Nano-sized Extracellular Organelles Delivering the Complex Messages between Cells and Organisms 2019.10.28
323 [특강안내] Environment-dependent binary protein interactome of a cell 2019.10.18
322 Exploration with Natural Products and Melanoma: Metabolomics and Lipidomics Approaches 2019.10.14
321 Novel roles of mitochondria and ER for synaptic function and development through regulation of Ca2+ homeostasis 2019.09.24


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