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Associate Veterinarian Needed - 미국 수의사 채용 (Texas)
  • 카테고리채용
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  • 날짜2020-02-14 13:09:48
  • 조회수526
아래와 같이 미국 수의사 채용 공고를 전달받아 안내해드리오니 많은 지원 바랍니다.

지원기간은 2020. 6월 말까지입니다.


Associate Veterinarian Wanted in a 5-doctor progressive small animal practice located in Carrollton, Texas, USA. We are a very busy practice that has excellent surgery and internal medicine cases. Ideal candidate must be proficient in English (written and verbal), and must be willing to relocate to USA.
○ Qualifications
  - Graduate from College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University, after AVMA accreditation
  - Able to pass NAVLE
  - Able to pass Texas State Board Exam
  - or if you have already passed ECFVG exam

Total compensation package is $96,824. This includes 2 week’s vacation after the first year, continuing education, all dues and veterinary license fees. Candidate will be provided excellent mentorship from our experienced doctors.

We will help the candidate with the H1-B visa and for the right candidate we will help with the process of permanent residency. Owner of the practice is Korean and has several Korean support staff.
Submit a cover-letter and resume to below email.


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