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Laboratory of Veterinary Avian Diseases

The major research activities in the lab. has focused on the development of diagnostic and preventive measures for major poultry diseases, such as avian influenza (AI), infectious bronchitis (IB), Newcastle disease, infectious bursal disease, avian salmonellosis, etc. Recently, intensive studies are concentrated on molecular epidemiologic investigation of AI and IB, and generation of genetic reassortants of AI viruses with high growth and low pathogenicity. In addition, diagnostic and monitoring services of poultry farms has been provided for the prevention of poultry diseases and improvement of biosecurity.


Research Interests

  • Characterization, diagnosis and control of avian diseases
  • Pathobiology of major avian diseases and the causative agents: reverse genetics of AIV and IBV
  • Development and improvement of detection methods and preventive measures of avian diseases
  • Diagnostic services and field investigation
  • Academy-industry research cooperation

Course Offered

College Level Graduated Level
- Poultry Disease & Lab (3rd year)
- Pet and Wild Bird Medicine (3rd year)
- Avian Immunology


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