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Laboratory of Veterinary Infectious diseases

The primary research interest of our lab is studying the infectious diseases in farm animals and companion animals at undergraduate level and more advanced studies on diagnosis and prevention of the diseases at graduate level. Our research mainly aims at developing control measures for infectious diseases in the veterinary field. We are recently working on the development of effective vaccine delivery systems, ante-mortem diagnosis in prion infection and environmental monitoring criteria in the production of food animals. Control of zoonotic diseases is also one of our major research interests.


Research Interests

  • Development of mucosal vaccines for infectious diseases in animals
  • Pathogenesis and diagnosis of prion diseases
  • Studies on the pathogenesis and diagnosis of zoonotic diseases

Course Offered

College Level Graduated Level
- Veterinary Infectious Disease & Practice (2nd year) - Advanced Bacterial Diseases of Animals
- Diagnostics of Veterinary Infectious Diseases
- General Molecular Epidemiology


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