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Laboratory of Veterinary Neuroscience

Veterinary Neuroscience studies the function of brain from sensory to motor system including perception and examines how the mind is organized and how behavior is decided at neuronal level. To understand animal's mind, we have employed several advanced techniques, such as functional MRI, PET or multichannel extracellular recording methods, in addition to traditional extracelluar resording methods. Our lab is equipped with a 100-channel recoding system and is capable of developing two dimensional brain mapping images in real time. Moreover, we have created multichannel microelectrode manipulators that can search neurons, therby contributiong to the understanding and treatment of neurological diseases.



Research Interests

  • Visual Perception, exploring how animals perceive the world in the visual system
  • Culturing Real Brain: culturing and training neurons in a special culture plate to perform a special task, such as driving a vehicle
  • Brain and Computer Interface: creating interface between brain and computer enabling brain to control computer directly

Course Offered

College Level Graduated Level
- Veterinary Neuroscience (1 year)
- Veterinary Basic Clinical Neuroscience
- Veterinary Clinical Neuroscience
- Visual Neuroscience


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