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Laboratory of Veterinary Pharmacology

Veterinary Pharmacology is a branch of science that studies drug therapy, mechanism of drug action and drug disposition in companion animals, food animals and wild animals. Courses cover the fundamental principles of drug actions and clinical pharmacotherapeutics of major veterinary drugs. Our research has focused on investigating the central mechanisms of sympathetic overactivity in heart failure, ion channel signaling in cancer cells, and the pathophysiological role of primo vascular system.


Research Interests

  • Central mechanisms of heart failure
  • Primo Vascular system
  • Ion channels signaling in cancer cells
  • Nanoparticles as gene / drug delivery

Course Offered

College Level Graduated Level
- Veterinary Pharmacology & Practice
- Veterinary Clinical pharmacology (3th year)
- Veterinary Pharmacokinetics
- Topics in Veterinary Pharmacology
- Topics in Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology
- Pharmacodynamics


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