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세미나/학술안내 List
No. Title Date
281 [특강안내] Regenerative Medicine for Parkinsons’s Disease-New drug therapeutic Application in PD model 2018.01.16
280 [특강안내] Use of GIS for wildlife Habitat assessment at landscape level and conservation planning 2017.12.27
279 [특강안내] Role and development in wildlife forensics in dealing with wildlife crimes 2017.12.27
278 [특강안내] Persistent infections support maintenance of a coronavirus in a population of Australian bats (Myotis macropus) 2017.12.27
277 [특강안내] Linear Accelerators for Radiation Therapy 2017.12.06
276 [특강안내] Organoid Cultures and Companion Diagnostics 2017.11.22
275 [특강안내] Perspective and application of population genomics using the genotyping by sequencing (GBS) technology 2017.11.09
274 [특강안내] Cardiovascular Pathology of Animals 1 / Cardiovascular Pathology of Animals 2 2017.11.06
273 [특강안내] Influenza viruses and dogs: One-health perspectives 2017.10.30
272 [특강안내] 일본의 제1형 돼지 생식기 호흡기 증후군 바이러스의 병원성 2017.10.30


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